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Pro Wrap

Box Size: 10 Units

What is Postsaver Pro Wrap?

Pro-Wrap is ideal for round posts. Supplied in a 16ft roll you can cut and staple any length to fit all post sizes

Postsaver® pro wrap is a heat-shrinkable sleeve with a thermoplastic bituminous interior liner. Effectively it creates a water and air-tight seal when applied to new posts at the vulnerable ground-line level, making ground-line decay impossible. Unlike liquid coatings, a Postsaver® wood post protective sleeve maintains its impenetrable post guard barrier, even as the wood post-ages, cracks, or splits. The Postsaver® post guard sleeve’s design comprises a dual-layer of protection; a non-toxic plastic outer layer and an interior bituminous layer. Each layer offers a superior level of protection for the life of the post.

20 Year – Total Protection Guarantee*

Based on over 20 years of excellent test data from BRE, Europe’s largest independent timber test organization, we have the confidence to guarantee UC4 fence posts fitted with Postsaver for 20 years.
Our guarantee covers the cost of a replacement post in the event of post failure, giving you total peace of mind for 20 years.

Protect your investment with Postsaver Pro Wrap!


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