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The More Convenient Alternative to Using Concrete

Fast 2KTM Deck Post Anchor is a patented expanding composite designed to fill the peripheral void between a post and the hole for load-bearing applications. Fast 2KTM Deck Post Anchor builds on the technology of the award-winning and widely successful Fast 2K™ and Pole Setting Expanding Composite Backfill used to set fences and utility poles for more than 20 years.

No water is required in the mixing process making Fast 2KTM more convenient than concrete for setting posts. Once Fast 2KTM is dry you can cut away unwanted product material with a handsaw or utility knife.


  • No water needed
  • Replaces up to 90 times its weight in concrete
  • Expands within 30 seconds of mixing

Sets all Types of Fence Posts

Fast 2K™ expands immediately after mixing and can be used to set wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental fence posts in minutes and replaces up to 90 times its weight in concrete in just 30 seconds.

Better Results with Fast 2K™ than With Concrete

Testing shows better performance results with Fast 2K™ than with concrete in terms of resistance to lateral force. Fast 2K™ can absorb more force than concrete since concrete has little flexibility. Wood posts set with concrete typically break when 500-550 lbs of force is applied, while Fast 2K™ can withstand 600-750 lbs of force.

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